If I had to narrow it down to the “best” thing about staying here, it is that when we’re here in the London Room, it feels as if we were in our own bedroom…You have got one of America’s gems here.
Michael Sheehan, FL

My 3rd stay…makes my business trips much more comfortable.
Jack Mortimer, Clearwater, FL

You are fun to talk to!
Bob & Susan Soper, CBS TV Miami, FL

We had a wonderful stay! What a beautiful surprise to see the rose petals scattered on the floor and bed! To offer such a romantic touch, just as the luxurious, expensive hotels made my experience even more pleasurable.
Miguel & Zulma Rodriquez, Manderville, LA

We place great importance on a good nights’ sleep and this “properly” fit the criteria!
Bob & Joyce Ward, PC, FL

and Sadie is the best!
Craig & Terri, NC

What a wonderful alternative to sitting in PC Beach during Hurricane Dennis!
Annette & Jimmy Williams, Panama City Beach, FL

Next time we’re in Tallahassee, we will be definitely staying here! We Believe!
Sandra & Isaac Vielma

your friendly, helpful manner was outstanding.
Marjorie & Don, Charleston

What a wonderful touch of England in Tallahassee! <> Ted and Sharon Mulligan

…the perfect way to relax after a long and tiring wedding weekend.
Andrea & Chris Ryle, Tampa, FL

I felt as if I had escaped to paradise. We enoyed the quiet time.
Sherry & Brandon, Bonifay, FL

This is the way to see, enjoy and relax in Tallahassee.
Steven & Johanna, Hollywood, FL

We enjoyed a wonderful mother-daughter weekend…
Carolyn & Natalie, Clearwater, FL

I absolutely love your place…you are so pleasant and you make everything Okay!
Sharon Turner, Fort Wayne, IN

A taste of home – and the best cup of tea in Tallahassee, if not the whole of Florida!
Kate Burgess, Sussex, England

Cozy and welcoming because you have fine spirits. Sadie, the world’s sweetest dog!
Elise, Ann Harbor, MI

This was an island of solitude in our otherwise hectic lives.
Carolyn & Terry Ketchell, FL

This is a great getaway, like staying with family. You have done a wonderful job of recreating a small piece of England. Love the dog! !
John & Cindy Lee, Kissimmee, FL

What a lovely place…to come back to each night away from the hustle and bustle at the college! I loved your attention to detail…warm hospitality.
Ray & Donna Pfleuger, Cocoa Beach, FL

…the perfect retreat for 2 FSU parents who have tired of hurricanes every weekend!
Lisa & Kevin Bailey, Cocoa Beach

What a comfortable, relaxing, romantic start to our honeymoon!
The new Mr and Mrs Jarvis Bedford, Tallahassee, FL

We’re trying to get home ahead of “Ivan”. You were a life saver!
Wanda Entrekin, Panama City Beach, FL

Thought for a minute we had taken the wrong turn and gone back to the “old country”…wonderfully comfortable. Gail & David Loveless,
Roswell, GA

What a perfect refuge from Hurricane Frances..I’ve stayed in many B&Bs around the world, the Essex Room was just perfect (and I’m pretty picky)…hope your B & B remains the delight of Tallahassee I found it to be.
Cheri Breland, Tampa, FL

After all our packing and moving to sell our place, the Jacuzzi tub was wonderful!
Bill & Jane Geier, Havana

headed back home and you’re part of the memories we’ll take along.
Lorraine & Jeff Rant, Coram, NY

you have thought of everything…it’s time to go home, I find it difficult to leave…so nice to just relax.
Brigitte, Columbia, SC

You made us feel welcome and at home the minute we stepped through the door…Thanks for a lovely restful stay.
Charlie & Barbara Amicone, Bradenton, FL

and the best words…Can I make you a cup of tea…a token of the fellowship here.
Gail Maggs, Pensacola

You both were very kind and sweet to us. Your London Room compared to the Ritz was stellar. Thank you.
Clay and Evelyn, Palmetto, FL

such a lovely setting for a little guesthouse and yet, easy to locate!
Ron & Grace M. Georgia

How wonderful to be able to come “home” after a long days work!!
Dawn, Galveston, TX

How do I begin to describe how wonderful the stay has been…this has been the most relaxing stay I have had out of town….I shall pass on this little secret..
Michelle O. Weston, FL

I am truly blessed…God bless you, your family and this mission field of a business.
Lisa Mack, Clermont, FL

It is great to feel so comfortable on a business trip!
Kelly Wood, Atlanta, GA

we both slept like proverbial babies…you have a little jewel here…
Gail & Aaron, Lighthouse Pt., FL

we can’t comment on authenticity as we are so provincial, but we know people, and you are genuine folk.
John & Patsy Schmith, AL.

I slept through the night for the first time in a long time. I will be back.
Nell Rhyne, Jacksonville, FL

truly a peaceful respite from heavy work days.
Alice Lindsay, Palmetto, FL

I didn’t mind coming to Tallahassee…but since I’ve found the Little English Guesthouse, I really enjoy my business trips!
Linda, New Smyrna Beach, FL

I felt that I had just spent some time in Jolly Old England!
Doug and Laurie Jones, FL

You are a charming hostess with a gift for knowing makes a room feel like home.
Alice & Leffie Carlton, Palmetto

We look forward to returning on our anniversary for future stays. Everything was “just what we wanted” to cap off our wedding day.
The Taylors, Rex, GA.

I thoroughly enjoyed the serenity…you will be my first choice in my upcoming visits.
Jackie Govert, Wellington, FL

the room is so cozy that I almost wanted to stay and sleep all day, but the honeymoon calls…
Spence Erwin, Georgia

the quiet was a much welcome reprieve from my busy life…
Ben, Colorado

We love the London Room. It is a great change from the standard hotels we usually stay in. Your hospitality is wonderful! We recommend the French restaurant in Market Square and the Chinese restaurant on Maclay nearby. For a business trip, this one was remarkably relaxing!
Jack and Lee Mortimer, Clearwater, FL

We love what you’ve done…it’s famously English. Great room and comfortable bed. Can’t wait to come back.
George and Elsa, Gainseville, FL

The Little English Guesthouse is truly a very good representative of “home”…no doubt I shall be back.
Jason, Essex, England

Thank you so much for welcoming us into your beautiful little guesthouse. You two are the perfect hosts. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed ourselves…you’ve been so kind, we’ve been overwhelmed by your generosity and hospitality. We feel very special after our 2 days here. Your motto “for a proper nights’ rest” could not describe our stay here better.
Lawrence and Maureen Moose, FL

David and I were quite relaxed and “taken” by the Little English Guesthouse. So many of the “little touches” that you provided made us feel right at home. We really enjoyed your very warm welcome and our conversation. We will spread the word about your quaint Guesthouse when we get back to Jacksonville. We hope to come back!
David and Lisa Moredock

Your hospitality was only outdone by the big, comfortable bed and oh, that whirlpool was grand! You will see me back again – and next time Sadie and I get to run around in the yard.
Carolyn Haney, Amelia Island, FL

We absolutely enjoyed our stay here. It was so nice to get away from the busy-ness of everything and just relax. Everything about this place is so beautiful and relaxing. We would definitely like to come back and get away. Thanks for everything.
Jeff and Jennifer Oettle, New Orleans, LA

We really enjoyed staying in the charming Little English Guesthouse. Everything around here, especially the warmest hosts, Tracey and Thom. The weekend turned out to be the nicest one we’ve had this month…next time we’re in town, we would love to come back here.
The Thompsons, FL

Ted and I had a lovely time. We spent the evening at the Governor’s Mansion. We listened to the President of Spain, delighted ourselves in the company of friends and came “home” to a quiet evening in an exquisite room. The hospitality was appreciated and I’m sure we will back this way again.
Anna Diaz, Orlando, FL

We could not have chosen a better place for our wedding night. The comfort of the London Room was immeasurable. You must know the next day we went off to Colorda for our honeymoon – and missed that room! We can’t thank you enough.
Bill and Jaime Blocker, Tallahassee, FL

What a lovely time we’ve had – and it wouldn’t have been the same without the Little English Guesthouse!

Tracey, you are the ULTIMATE hostess. Your hospitality, thoughtfulness and vivacity are what make the Little English Guesthouse a unique and wonderful place – a peaceful, friendly place to come back to that you want to come back to, at the end of the day when far from home. Your gift was such a pleasant surprise and a great piece of the caring that obviously goes into your home. Thank you for inviting us into your wonderful corner of England, transported to Tallahassee. Thanks for all your kindness and for providing a comfortable place that I know will be here on my next trip to Tallahassee.
Kerra Wagener, Indianapolis

A proper night’s sleep is quite an understatement, your Little English Guesthouse might very well be one of the best kept secrets in Tallahassee.

The accommodations, as you well know, are superb…as nice as any place one could desire to stay. However, your hospitality far exceeds all expectations. If this is an example of English hospitality, then America must take a back seat to you. I have never been treated as cordially at any stay anywhere, at any time in my life. You are both charming and gracious hosts. It would be an honor and privilege to ever have the opportunity to stay with you both again. You extend not just a welcome, but a genuine friendship…a truly pleasurable experience.
Lee Baker, Missouri

Quiet, peaceful, restful, all of those things you can’t really get at a hotel…a great night’s sleep after a long drive. Your location is easy to find and close enough to town to allow easy access to anything we might wish to see in Tallahassee.
Mike and Kris Schmelzer, North Port, FL

Never having stayed at a B&B, I found that I will never stay anywhere else.
Resa Walters, Tampa, FL

…your location is wonderful for us to make it to the Capitol every morning.
Kim and Kelsey, Miami, FL

…the comfort of home with safety – and or course, great tea!
Meredith Ann Winter, Lynchburg, VA

Thank you for making this my home for the week. It couldn’t have been any better.
Arthur VanAst, Bradenton, FL

I feel so comfortable and at home here having a cup of tea with one of the nicest “hotesse”, merci beaucoup!” Sondra Fontaine, Paris, France

I very much liked coming in late, walking up the front path and opening a front door to home instead of a cold hotel room. The extra care you take in every detail of your B&B shows. The sheets are soft, towels are big and fluffy.
Charlie and S. Brown

…from Hurricane Katrina, I feel like I found a friend. Thank you for blessing me when I needed it.
Todd Trenchard, Ocean Springs, MS

Thank you so much! It was the best little getaway my husband and I could have done for ourselves
Israel & Star, Orlando, FL

Your home has been our home away from home during a very stressful time. .your warm, honest Christ like hospitality was a heavenly place of rest.
Gideon, Zion & Myriam Kriel, Naples, FL

This is SO much nicer than a hotel for a business traveler. I’m so glad you’re here!
Dorothy, Denver, NC

We were glad to call this “Home” for nearly a week. May God shine His face upon you.
Caye and Bruce, San Diego, CA

Wow! You two are planted exactly where you are supposed to be.
Marlene Wing, MI

…Don’t change a thing! Traveling here on my own was rather intimidating until I arrived “home”. .
Jan Randall

It seems like we’ve known you for quite a long while.
Pauline & Pete Radford, York, England

You were the perfect Christmas hosts…it has been a delightful treat to be your guest.
Christina Tommczak, Grapevine, TX

To travel almost 6,000 miles from London to Tallahassee and receive the warmth and love that awaits makes it “almost” home from home…..I hope all those who pass through feel a little of what I have felt, and are able to pass it on to friends and family.
Maxine and Jonathan, London, England